Strength and Conditioning Internship – PCX Sports Performance – Webster, NY

This internship that will grant you experience coaching groups of middle school, high school, and college age athletes from a wide array of sports and backgrounds. You can expect a learn-by-doing experience that will improve your skills as a strength and conditioning coach. You are working each day for an earned recommendation and backing of our staff for future employment opportunities. This unpaid internship includes the possibility of future employment at the conclusion of your internship. You will enhance your knowledge on the following aspects of sport performance:

  • Mobility, flexibility, and dynamic warm up drills
  • Injury prevention techniques and progressions
  • Speed and power development
  • Lower and upper body plyometric exercises
  • Olympic lifts and their variations
  • Barbell movements including the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift as well as their variations
  • Movement patterns and strength progressions
  • Core stabilization and motor control training
  • Energy system development (metabolic conditioning)
  • Creating and implementing all facets of a sports performance program

Requirements for prospective interns to be considered.

  • Enrolled in or graduated from an Exercise Science related major
  • Strong desire to coach and become a coach
  • Willingness to learn and be pushed outside comfort zone
  • Ability to use technology such as Microsoft excel/word

*First consideration given to those needing to fulfill school internship requirements*

Application Requirements: Please submit your resume, cover letter, a paragraph explaining why you want to be a strength and conditioning professional, and any experience within the field of strength and conditioning.

Daily responsibilities will include shadowing and assisting the head strength coach with team training or group sports performance. Learn to provide technical feedback to athletes and clients. Interns will assist with daily facility tasks which will include equipment set-up, video recording, social media and marketing, data entry, and facility cleanliness/organization.

PCX Sports Performance Coaching Internship Checkpoints*

Weeks 1-3: Coach Observation

  • Personal interaction, note exercise cues, session flow, set-up/breakdown of equipment

Weeks 4-6: Provide Feedback to Clients

  • Apply corrective cues when necessary, demonstration of exercises/drills

Weeks 7-9: Segmental Coaching

  • Lead a one component of a Performance Session (warm-up, plyo session, strength complex, etc).

Weeks 10-12: Solo Sessions (Time to Shine)

  • Lead a group/team through a complete workout as one of our coaches assists you

*Ultimately, you are here to learn and if an intern proves to progress at a faster rate than what the outlined weeks show then the intern will be given more responsibilities at the head coaches discretion*

Assignments: Each three week block you will be required to review a specific source of information with the purpose of advancing your knowledge in this field beyond what you will see within our doors.

Block 1: Training Philosophy

  • View Functional Training/Strength Coach 6.0 Video OR Read Boyle’s New Functional Strength Training for Sports

Block 2: Barbell Exercise Technique and Instruction

  • Demonstrate proper technique and teaching cues for the Bench Press, Hang Clean Squat and Deadlift exercises with a Coach

Block 3: Professional Development

  • Research and program, testing protocol, mental drill, that you feel could benefit or become a staple in our/your training protocols. Once researched give a 10 minute presentation on the protocol you found to the coaches

Block 4: Program Design

  • Develop a two-day, four-week program for an athlete, including plyometric, strength, speed and conditioning session/progressions
  • Be prepared to review with a coach on why you chose each exercise, how you would progress that exercise into the next phase, and how you would regress the exercise when needed. We will be have a weekly meeting, to discuss progress, review the previous week, determine a plan of action for the upcoming week, and answer any questions you may have.

Applicants looking to boost their experience level are encouraged to apply. For more information about PCX Sports Performance please check out

Job Type: Internship


  • Coaching: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Job Location:

  • Webster, NY (Preferred)