National Sales Director – Advantage Technologies – Franklin, TN

An Opportunity and Invitation

This isn’t a job posting. It’s not even a “career opportunity” in the traditional sense of the word. Our team is looking for much more than that. The opportunity is much bigger than that. It is the opportunity to be part of something special that continues to grow and expand. A team that has a unique culture, an amazing platform, a strategic plan for the next phase of growth, and an opportunity for the right individual to be a part.

A Unique Culture

We don’t gossip, and we hate drama. We intentionally have a flat organization that avoids wasting time and energy, and we genuinely value the people we work with. It’s a very entrepreneurial vs. corporate mindset, and as we scale we work hard to keep it.

An Amazing Platform

From 2012-2015, we completely redesigned and retooled our IT management offering (Advantage 360) to give it scalability and a competitive edge. We standardize everything. It may not sound like much, but in the IT world, this makes all the difference. The client onboarding experience is much better because our team knows what to expect. The support and service experience are second to none because we don’t waste time trying to figure out unique nuances of each client. Every client has the same core components of their network provided, managed, and serviced by us as part of Advantage 360. This is an enormous competitive advantage. In 2016 and 2017, we went back to every single legacy client and moved them to our new management platform. While competitors are trying to justify one system vs another , we simply say “it’s included”. This accelerates the sales process and reduces the friction at closing. Less variables, more efficiency, and unparalleled visibility for the service team makes for a simpler sales process and a better client experience.

A Strategic Plan for Growth

We have spent the past 18 years steadily building and planning to get to this point. There has been enormous amounts of work and investment to build a platform that enables this next stage. We have a product line that meets market demands with solid supplier relationships. Our service offering (Advantage 360) is a recognized leader in IT management, with several unique value propositions. The product and service mix has been carefully designed with the aid of our clients. It is continually updated to reflect the needs of our market by introducing new and relevant feature sets leveraging emerging technologies.

The operations team can scale to support an additional 1,000 clients with no systemic changes, simply by hiring additional engineers. Our client management, technical, and financial systems are enterprise grade, carefully selected to allow scale without bottlenecks. Our CRM systems have been customized over the past 3 years to mirror and support the sales process without adding undue burden to the sales team or slowing the sales process. We have a single unified platform for the sales, support, service, billing, and client care process allowing for unparalleled visibility into the client relationship.

Operations, Client Care, Business Management, these teams are ready and looking for explosive growth.

The Opportunity

The company was formed in a basement in 2000. In 2003 we hired our first sales rep. From 2012 – 2015 we worked to build the operations platform while simultaneously working to start building the sales team.

From 2016 – 2018 we intentionally worked on building the sales platform so that it, like the rest of the company, was ready to scale. We clearly defined our sales process and streamlined it as much as we could. We developed a CRM platform that salespeople would actually use, that mirrors the sales process, and saves them time. We developed an entire onboarding process for new reps that defines a path to success for new hires. We created the Sr. Technology Consultant position to create opportunities for performing reps by having them mentor new reps coming on board. We completely rebranded and refreshed our market presence.

The groundwork has been laid, and the platform has been built. This is the opportunity. We need someone to take this platform, lead these people, and help build something amazing. Replicate the performers. Coach those needing refinement. Bring outside perspective and skills to eliminate any groupthink. Push, mentor, coach, motivate, hold accountable, drive, encourage, and mentor our team. Get them working at peak performance, and then add to their numbers. Look for new opportunities for the sales team in large accounts. Continually help to clarify our marketing message so that it is always effective. We don’t need a sales manager. We need a Business Development Director. There are 3 key responsibilities for this position:

Lead and support the sales team.

Support the performers so that they can accomplish even more. Partner with them, learn from them, and replicate their performance with others. Be on guard for and eliminate any hint of complacency.

Coach those that are struggling. Analyze activities, provide guidance and feedback, training, mentoring, and accountability to move them towards being successful.

Make connections with larger potential clients that cross multiple territories and utilize the sales team to develop those larger opportunities.

Develop effective sales meetings that sharpen the skillset of each rep.

Expand the sales team.

Continually be networking and looking for potential new hires. Our goal is to grow the sales team 300% in the next 10 years. There is enormous room to run.

Be an essential part of the executive team.

Provide accountability for the performance of the sales team.

Provide feedback regarding marketing activities and initiatives.

Provide feedback to operations and client care so we are continually improving the client experience.

This is a sales centric company. Our team knows that nothing happens until someone sells something. We’re on pins and needles where this goes next, because we know we can do something amazing.

The Position

The Business Development Director (BSD) is the new position being created to lead and grow the sales organization, reporting directly to the CEO. The sales team will report directly to the BSD. This model replicates what we have put in place on the operations and service team.

The compensation plan is full time salary with a generous base. Bonuses based on individual rep performance and the overall performance of the team as compared to team targets. Full benefits including medical, dental, and vision and a company sponsored retirement package.

The Invitation

We have an amazing entrepreneurial culture, which we intentionally defend. We have a team that loves what we do, protects each other, and works together well. We’ve got a product and service mix that is recognized and valued by our market. We’ve got a sales team that has already achieved amazing results and is looking forward to working with the right leader to do more. It’s now time for someone to come in and use the platform to take us to the next level.

If you think this could be you, let’s have a conversation. Send in the obligatory resume, but more important, a cover letter that demonstrates why this position would be exciting for you.

This is going to be an amazing ride, and we need the right person on board.

Our entire team is looking forward to meeting you.