Instructor – Welding – Pueblo – Pueblo Community College – Pueblo, CO

A complete application package consists of:

  • Cover Letter
  • Unofficial (Copy of) Transcripts
  • Application (Completed Online)

Job Description

This position specifically exists to provide classroom, laboratory, or related instruction under the supervision of the Department Chair and is responsible for planning and providing student instruction in accordance with approved syllabi, curriculum guidelines, and required program standards. Instructor must adhere to the laws, policies, procedures, rules, and applications which govern and affect the college, including the fiscal rules of the State of Colorado.

Purpose of Announcement

The purpose of this announcement is to gather information from individuals interested in being an instructor (part-time) within this program
so the chair can develop a pool of potential part-time instructors. This employment is on a course by course basis. Individuals are usually assigned to one, or more, classes for a single semester, based on program needs. These positions are not eligible for employee benefits through the college. As these assignments are to fill a temporary part-time need, there is no guarantee of current or future employment. There may, or may not, be instructor positions currently available. The Faculty Chair may, at his or her discretion, contact you when instructor opportunities become available, based on your education, background, experience, and availability.

***** Do not submit any employment materials directly to Department Chair, or other employees within this program. All applicant materials must be submitted through this employment site for tracking purposes. Additionally, please do not contact the Department Chair concerning availability of current teaching opportunities. They will contact you if an opportunity is available for which you may be qualified. *****

According to the Welding Department Chair:

  • What are the degree requirements someone would have to fulfill to teach within your program?
  • What discipline? Welding
  • What level (AA, BA, MA, PHD, etc.)? Industry Certification with experience or Associates degree in Welding or related field
  • Are there any certifications required to teach in your program? Current CTE Welding Credential in the state of Colorado or eligibility to obtain credential.
  • Are there any licenses required to teach in your program? No
  • Are there any other minimum qualifications an individual would need to instruct in your program? No
  • Is there any information you would like potential applicants to be aware of as they are considering submitting an application to instruct in your program? No
  • Other than minimum requirements, are there any other items that you would want to have submitted as part of an application packet for an instructor position (i.e. sample work, teaching plan, teaching philosophy, etc.) No

Required Skills

Required Experience